Weekly Issues

Mark Sorenson

Fresno County Farm Bureau

What we do: Farm raisins and blueberries. Own and operate mechanical raisin harvesting business.

Age: 55

Education: Immanuel High School

Family: Married to Kimberly for 30 years. Three daughters and two son-in-laws: Jace and Johannah White, Jeff and Elizabeth Jantzen and Olivia.

Valley hospitals note uptick in ER visits post-Obamacare

Since the Affordable Care Act (ACA) took effect last year, hospitals across the Central Valley have seen a dramatic increase in the number of patients visiting their emergency departments.

Valley businesses increasingly adopt tablet computers

Sales of tablet devices are on track to outpace laptops and personal computers for the first time this year, signaling a major shift in the way consumers and businesses use technology.
According to sales predictions from Gartner, a global information technology research and advisory company, more than 320,000 tablet devices will be sold this year, eclipsing the projected 260,000-plus units for laptops and desk-based computers. While this change has been predicted for some time, the trend towards tablets is having a major impact on the way several local businesses operate.

New Delta water master gives downbeat assessment

Several hundred scientists, educators, farmers and entrepreneurs converged in Clovis on March 5 for the BlueTechValley Water Summit.
Aric Olson, president of Jain Irrigation, one of the conference’s main sponsors, said the summit was designed “to explore and discuss new innovations, developments and trends related to current area water issues.”

‘Unapologetically Fresno’

Loss of Giants affiliation brings Grizzlies closer to home

The change of major league affiliation may have disappointed some local baseball fans when it was announced last fall, but Fresno Grizzlies management say the team’s new contract with the Houston Astros is allowing them to reach out to the community like never before.  

Paul Halajian

President/Principal Architect

Paul Halajian Architects

What we do:
We believe that each client, project, and site is unique and our design solutions celebrate these distinctions. We value the differences from project to project, taking each as an opportunity to work through every intricate detail until our solution is a balance of both design and technical superiority. Design, constructability, sustainability, and client service are valued equally, and as such we address each with the diligence it takes to make every component as successful as the whole. Using this strategy, every project we execute is an occasion to impact the greater architectural landscape in a way that makes our work a tailored fit to the project parameters.

Bullet train no bonanza for Valley eminent domain attorneys

California’s $68 billion bullet train project has yet to provide the bonanza of eminent domain lawsuits some Valley lawyers had been anticipating.
With the High-Speed Rail Authority’s land acquisition process now well underway, to date, not a single parcel of private property in the path of construction has been taken through a formal eminent domain preceding, according to the rail authority.

Concern arises about food nonprofit’s philosophy

Ambitious new nonprofit Food Commons Fresno garnered support from the community last year after announcing plans to address local food deserts, but the organization is now drawing criticism from at least one business owner who said he is wary of the group’s overall message.
Food Commons plans a three-pronged approach to help increase access to affordable and fresh produce: a land trust to accept donations of farm land, equipment and other infrastructure; a mobile farmer’s market and community supported agriculture (CSA) box deliveries and a community-funded brick-and-mortar grocery store in an underserved part of the city.
These goals helped the organization win the support of groups such as the Fresno Regional Foundation and U.S. Department of Agriculture Local Food Promotion Program, but have also brought about negative attention.

Sylvan Learning tutoring center plans Fresno location

One of the nation’s largest tutoring networks will expand to Fresno this year, giving extra help to students in need of math, reading and even computer skills.
Sylvan Learning, Inc. has more than 800 locations in North America. Although California is home to some 60 centers, Fresno has been without a Sylvan franchise since 2010 when its former owner passed away without a successor.

Welcome to Bandit Town

A clothing company entrepreneur has a vision for turning a sleepy community in the rural Madera County foothills into an entertainment hot spot.
Jen McMillan, the 42-year-old founder of Bandit Brand clothing, made big news in little North Fork when she purchased an 11.5-acre parcel formerly known as Old Town in December 2013.
The long-vacant, Wild West-themed property included a number of old, mostly dilapidated structures, including a chapel, barn and even the town’s original jail.