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Expanding quick lube biz celebrates 15 years

A local family is celebrating 15 years of a business decision that had its patriarch come out from under the cow and go under the hood.
Third-generation Washington state dairy farmer Rick McGuire moved wife Cathy and family to Visalia in 1986, “following the cows” as the Pacific Northwest’s dairy industry took a hit, said son Ryan McGuire, 34.
Rick McGuire worked full time — literally seven days a week, Ryan said — selling bull semen that would be frozen and shipped across the country. Ryan said it was exhausting work for Rick. The father-and-son duo was able to find respite in restoring old Ford Mustangs — first a 1968 Shelby then a 1968 California Special.

Property management firms enjoy brighter days

Property management took a blow during the real estate crash, but has since been a steady income business for specialists like Manco Abbott and Robert L. Jensen & Associates as the rental housing, office and retail market bounces back.

Cari Lyn Vinci

FranNet, Central California territory

What we do: We partner with aspiring entrepreneurs to help determine the best franchise opportunities to match their goals, skill set and lifestyle.

Education: Degree in business

Family: Husband passed away

Age: 55

How do you help people discover the franchise business for them?
We really get to know our clients and what their skills are through a very sophisticated assessment tool that we use. We build for them what’s called a business model, which is what they’re looking for in a business — what their skill set is, what transferrable skills they have, if they’re interested in a business where they’re the manager or if they want to have a manager in place, the number of employees they want, if they gravitate more toward a retail business or something that would be in an industrial park or mobile business. So we look at all the business characteristics of what they’re looking for and their skill set and what they can afford, and then we put together a business model. From the business model, we then look into the businesses that we work with. We’ve already gone through the due diligence and we know that they’re pretty solid businesses. Then we make recommendations.

Contractor donates $300K to Community Regional Medical Center

Local contractor Quiring General has pledged $300,000 to help Community Regional Medical Center pay for needed surgical department renovations.
The gift helps pay for renovations including new LED lighting, new equipment booms with electrical outlets to keep cords off the floor, surgical vacuums and updated electrical wiring.
Community Regional's central surgical suites are among the oldest rooms in the hospital, and 11 operating rooms needed the upgrade.

Visalia vehicle sales up 13 percent

Visalia’s largest car dealer Don Groppetti said auto and truck sales in the Visalia market are up a strong 13 percent year over year. That’s more than double the state average for new registrations of 5.6 percent in the first quarter of the year. The sales pickup is good news for more than dealers since car sales are a major component of tax revenues for the city. The City of Visalia just passed its new two-year budget this week estimating a 3 percent increase each year in sales tax revenue.

Study: Mexico’s farm labor supply drying up

A decline in farm workers from Mexico has some Fresno-area farmers investing in automated harvesters and planting crops that are less labor intensive, such as almonds.
As another alternative, some farmers are simply cutting back on the crops they grow in response to labor shortages and lack of water.

Valley projects look to the sun for clean water

Following a full build out next year, developers of an unlikely system in the farming fields near Firebaugh are counting on desalination as a solution to California’s water shortage.
Unlike conventional desalination that uses an energy intensive process of reverse osmosis to remove salt and impurities, the Aqua4 technology by WaterFX relies on the sun’s rays to treat brackish groundwater.
Since June 2013, the company has been turning out fresh distilled water for the Panoche Water and Drainage District from its pilot test facility located along North Russell Avenue just west of Firebaugh.

Tom Howard

Lee’s Air, Heating, and Building

What we do:
We are a commercial and residential air conditioning company specializing in service, repair, and retrofits. A typical day at Lee’s Air depends on the time of the year.  Nobody is looking to replace their air conditioner when it is 70 degrees outside. We spend the spring and the fall doing extensive training. 

Expert: Valley cover crops could fuel biomass generation

During a recent presentation by Stephen Kaffka an extension agronomist at UC Davis, Kaffka addressed the question, “does California have in-state feedstock production for bioenergy?”
The short answer is that it does, but only a fraction is now going to biofuel use.

William E. Chaltraw, Jr.

Fishman, Larsen, Chaltraw & Zeitler

What we do:

As a law firm, we provide our clients with preventative solutions, while building long-term and fulfilling relationships through vital accessibility. Our areas of specialty include: Health Care Law, Employment Law, Tax & Business Planning, Estate Planning, Real Estate and Business Litigation.

University of California, Los Angeles, 1994 — B.S. in Biology
University of Houston Law Center, 1999 — J.D. (Cum Laude)



My wife of eight years, Leslie, and our two children,
Kate, age seven, and Jake age four.