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Tulare County reservoir plans in the works

As Valley growers ponder the chances of reservoir construction as a part of an upcoming California water bond measure, some water districts have found ways to move ahead with water storage projects using other funding options.

Council to weigh Fulton Mall options next week

With a crucial vote before the Fresno City Council next week, the Fulton Mall could begin to look very different.
Completed in 1964 by famed architects Victor Gruen and Garret Eckbo, the Fulton Mall has been in the city’s cross hairs for more than a decade after failing to produce the economic or social activity it once promised.

Susan Moore

Dumont Printing

What we do:
High definition offset printing, digital printing, variable data, direct mail, large format printing and promotional products
Fresno City College


Husband Brian Ellison, son Tanner, 9

How did you come to your position with Dumont Printing?
I began my career in the business forms industry. Dumont Printing brought me on board as an account representative in 1991. In 2001, Larry Early’s health was compromised. Larry and Susan Early approached me to take over as the vice president of sales and oversee the day-to-day operations of the company. Larry’s passing led to my promotion as corporate vice president and a partnership with Susan. In the spring of 2013, Susan decided to sell Dumont Printing and asked if I would be interested in purchasing the company. The sale was finalized in January 2014.

Covered California expands call centers, boosts Latino outreach

(AP) — The executive director of California's health insurance exchange says he is hiring 400 call center workers with the goal of alleviating telephone backlogs that have frustrated applicants.

Affordable Care Act spurs Tulare County clinic frenzy

New health clinics are either in development or already under construction in Tulare County’s rural areas  — likely do to more people having access to health insurance.
In a scramble to serve areas of the county that historically have had few options for medical care, activity is brisk.

QB testifies in bid to form college athlete union

(AP) — Northwestern quarterback Kain Colter is the first witness at a closely watched hearing to determine whether college athletes can form a union.

Drought has nut producers on guard

Despite recent rains, drought conditions continue in the San Joaquin Valley where lack of water deliveries could slow production of two major cash crops — walnuts and almonds — at a time of unprecedented demand.

Bank of the Sierra making moves in ‘14

At about 10,000 feet in elevation, Farewell Gap is a commanding feature of the Mineral King valley of Sequoia National Park.
To get there means hiking six miles (counting switchbacks), with an elevation increase of more than 2,000 feet.

Beauty pageant winner buys longtime flower shop

Abeauty pageant veteran, Prisca Shiralian knows the stress of memorizing choreography, coordinating outfits and performing in front of thousands of people.
But Shiralian has decided to take on a new stressor — buying a retail flower business right before Valentine’s Day.

Kelly Riddle

DSC 0259Manager
SGI Construction Management - Fresno

What we do:
SGI Construction Management is a program, project and construction management firm specializing in project delivery for public agencies throughout California. SGI employs eighty professional, technical, and administrative staff, so that from concept to delivery we provide the right team for the project. We are small enough to offer very personalized service, yet large enough to respond to any client need from a reservoir of resources and experience.