Weekly Issues

The Garabedian Group: The proof is in the results

Accounting firms have a reputation (deserved or not) for being cold, stuffy operations where overworked accountants are practically chained to their desks, counting bean after bean.

Agri-Valley Irrigation: Water-wise family expertise

Family values, timely investments and a solid reputation have helped Agri-Valley Irrigation grow and prosper in good times and bad.
Founded in 1983, Agri-Valley Irrigation has developed into a large irrigation company dedicated to servicing the central San Joaquin Valley agriculture industry. Owner and CEO Larry Rompal relies on his staff of more than 100 professionals to customize, design, install and maintain each project, regardless of how big or how small the needs of the customer are.

MillerCoors lauds Amendola with legend award

Lou Amendola, owner of Fresno’s Valley Wide Beverage Co., recently attained legendary status as one of global brewing giant MillerCoors’ top distributors
Amendola was one of two distributors to receive the MillerCoors Legend Award during the Chicago-based brewer’s distributor convention in San Diego last month.

Over a century of service

Tulare’s BMI Mechanical, Inc. wins 2014 California Family Business Award

A willingness to change has carried BMI Mechanical through hard times and good, across four generations of family owners.
Change is what brought founder Ernest Emmet “Double E” Brott from Burlington, Kan. — where he was responsible for building the town’s first water system — to the company’s current home in Tulare.

Valley golf courses make way for new ‘foot golf’ game

Visalia’s Valley Oak Golf Course plans to cut up to 30 percent of its water use this year, and an innovative new sport may help them do just that while bolstering rounds played.
The private contractor that operates the 225-acre course, CourseCo Inc., has received City of Visalia permission to cut water use by a mandated 20-30 percent by retiring nine holes of its three nine-hole layouts, converting the area into a new, less manicured course for the game of foot golf.

Triangle Drive-In

The Triangle Drive-In has been a Fresno fixture for more than 50 years. More than one Fresno baby boomer undoubtedly has a story about the burger spot near Roeding Park. And while the food hasn’t changed a whole lot (if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it), the business has expanded.

The Nelson Group

The Nelson Group Family of Companies — including construction firm Lewis C. Nelson and Sons, Selma Auto Mall Group and Nelson Properties — have constructed federal, state and local public and commercial projects from Sacramento to the Grapevine for the past 86 years.

Marco Landscape Maintenance

As family businesses go, Marco Landscape Maintenance in Selma is relatively new to the scene but its quality work over the last five years would suggest otherwise.
Starting up his landscape and garden maintenance operation in 2009, Marco Quevedo made timeliness and customer satisfaction a priority on each job, whether it be a walkway, sprinkler irrigation, new turf or simply regular tending.

Harley-Davidson Fresno

When it comes to cruising the highway in style, Fresno residents have been coming to Harley-Davidson Fresno since 1988. That’s when Rich Miller founded the businesses with some partial financing from father Monte Miller, who operated a Harley-Davidson dealership in the Fresno area from 1956-1962.

Fresno Neon Sign Co.

Fresno Neon Sign Co. has been lighting up the Central Valley for 80 years under two families that put their stamp on some of the region’s most well-known landmarks.
In fact, the company was among the first to install neon signs on buildings when John McKenzie opened his small neon shop in Fresno in 1932 and soon became a leader in the technology.