AT&T committed $140M to Fresno-area network

Upgraded fiber-optic connections and a 4G network as well as the activation of two new cell sites were part of the $140 million investment AT&T made in Fresno County between 2009 and 2011.

“Our goal is to deliver a network experience that mobilizes everything for customers," said Terry Stenzel, AT&T's vice president/general manager for Northern California and Northern Nevada, in a release.  "The ongoing investment we're making in Fresno County is designed to increase coverage and reliability, and to provide advanced services to our customers."

Overall the carrier made 240 wireless network upgrades in Fresno County in those two years and 150,000 in the United States as a whole.

Based on company-branded and operated hotspots, AT&T also has the largest Wi-Fi network in the country, with almost 30,000 hotspots nationally and 115 in the Fresno area.

The Greater Fresno Area Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Al Smith believes AT&T will play an integral role in the region’s economic solution.

"AT&T's continued investment in our community has translated into vital economic activity and helped support our next generation of leaders," Smith said in a release.