Comcast's new digital delivery requires boxes on all TVs

Comcast has begun the migration to a completely digital delivery system that will require a converter box for every television set to watch cable television programming, including limited basic cable subscribers. 

Customers that have a single television set already equipped with a cable box will not be affected. However, customers with additional TV sets without boxes will need to hook up a box to those sets.

Also, those customers who only subscribed to limited basic cable will need to pick up a box to receive that signal.

In 2009, the federal government required all television broadcasting networks, such as NBC, CBS, FOX and ABC, to broadcast a digital signal. However, Comcast continued to convert part of that signal back into analog before delivering it to the homes of their subscribers.

By converting the signal to analog, it allowed customers to connect to the program straight from the cable coming out of the wall. Now they must also have a box to receive the signal.

The digital delivery system allows Comcast more bandwidth to deliver more of the signal.

The boxes can be obtained by visiting, calling 1-877-634-4434 or visiting select local offices. The office in Fresno where they are available is located at 1945 N. Helm Ave. and the location in Visalia is at 1031 N. Plaza Drive.

For limited basic cable subscribers, the first three converter boxes are free while additional boxes cost 50 cents per month. For digital customers, the first two boxes are free while the additional boxes will be $1.99 per month.

The boxes are currently available and the majority of the Central Valley customers will have the programming on their television screens cut out on April 10 if they have not hooked up a new box.

Firebaugh and Mendota customers need to obtain their boxes by April 3 and North Fresno customers need to have them by April 12.

The programming and service will remain the same. The boxes are reportedly compatible with both VCRs and DVRs.