Fresno device places second in competition

Aqua Cents delivers moisture-absorbing polymers into the soil to save waterAqua Cents delivers moisture-absorbing polymers into the soil to save waterA Fresno-based lawn care technology took home a second place award during a recent statewide competition for its water-saving device used in lawn care.

Aqua Cents, a division of All Commercial Landscape Service of Fresno, was one of 42 finalists in the Sierra Nevada Innovation Challenge held June 21 in Chico, Calif.

In the end, only ten were recognized in five different categories of innovations and products that could change people's lives in a meaningful way.

Aqua Cents earned second place in the category of Sustainable Ag and Food for a device that reduces water needs in lawns by up to 50 percent.

The patented device works by infusing the soil with moisture-holding polymers that retain 400 times their weight in water and holding the moisture until the root system needs it.

By delivering the right amount of water to the lawn when needed, the product creates a more vibrant and healthy root zone and greener grass.

The injection machine features a motor-driven system that thrusts rods into the soil, but runs smoothly with little effort from the operator.

The polymers injected into the soil last five to seven years while about 1,000 square feet of lawn can be treated in an hour.

Tom DeLany, CEO of All Commercial Landscape Service, touts that the product has the capability to save enough water in California to supply a city of a half a million people with all their water needs for 10 years, every year.

He said its a perfect fit for Fresno, with its dry winters, shrinking water tables and rates likely to go up soon due to newly installed water meters.