Yahoo 2Q earnings, revenue fall amid ad slump

(AP) — Yahoo Inc. said Tuesday that its second-quarter earnings and revenue declined, hurt by a decline in display advertising sales that the company has been struggling with in recent years.

Investor submits signatures to split California

(AP) — Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper began submitting signatures Tuesday for a ballot initiative that would ask voters to split California into six separate states, a move he said would create governments that are more manageable and responsive to residents' needs.

Los Angeles judge halts cannabis farmers market

(AP) — A Los Angeles judge has issued a temporary restraining order blocking the operation of an outdoor medical marijuana farmers market.

California water use rises amid crippling drought 

(AP) — Californians increased their water consumption this year during the severe drought, despite pleas from the governor to conserve, fallowed farm fields and reservoirs that are quickly draining, according to a report released Tuesday.

Historic cheese vans stolen in California found

(AP) — Three bright orange Tillamook cheese vans that were stolen over the weekend in Central California were located undamaged, police said on Tuesday.

California water wasters could be fined $500 a day

(AP) — In one of the most drastic responses yet to California's drought, state regulators on Tuesday will consider fines up to $500 a day for people who waste water on landscaping, fountains, washing vehicles and other outdoor uses.

Hewlett-Packard Interim Chairman Whitworth resigns

(AP) — Hewlett-Packard's interim chairman, Ralph Whitworth, has resigned from the company's board to concentrate on personal health issues.

EBay to feature Sotheby's auctions in new deal

(AP) — EBay will soon feature auctions from the likes of Monet, Picasso and other masters through a new partnership with auction house Sotheby's.

California community cracking down on nut thefts

(AP) — A Central California county is going after walnut thieves.

Search dog foundation gets $500,000 grant

(AP) — A Southern California organization that trains dogs for search-and-rescue teams has received a $500,000 grant from a Florida-based foundation.