Oakland candidate returns money from A's owner

(AP) — An Oakland mayoral candidate has returned campaign contributions from A's co-owner Lew Wolff and his family over concerns they may run afoul of a city campaign finance law.

Calif. brewery breaks ground on Va. location

(AP) — A California-based brewery has broken ground on a new location in Virginia.

Sacramento-area city proposes Airbnb rules

(AP) — A Sacramento-area city is considering regulations for homes put up for rent like hotel rooms on websites such as Airbnb.

Review site Yelp battles extortion claims

(AP) — First the chefs of a small Italian restaurant got mad at online review site Yelp. Instead of trying to get better reviews, they decided to take a different approach: get terrible ones.

Bose agrees to dismiss lawsuit against Beats

(AP) — Attorneys for Bose Corp. and Beats Electronics have agreed to dismiss a patent infringement lawsuit filed by Bose.

Nielsen admits to errors in TV measurement

(AP) — The Nielsen company says it has discovered errors in its measurement of television viewing that incorrectly showed people were watching one network when in fact they were tuned in to another.

Obama raising money in California for Democrats

(AP) — President Barack Obama is on a three-day fundraising swing through California but what he says at some of his stops will be anybody's guess.

Japan court orders Google to remove search results 

(AP) — A Japanese judge has ordered Google to remove search results of a man's unflattering past in an order the plaintiff's lawyer compared to Europe's "right to be forgotten" ruling.

Tesla's 'D' adds all-wheel drive, safety features 

(AP) — Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk unveiled a new version of the luxury electric car maker's Model S sedan that includes all-wheel drive and self-driving "auto pilot" features.

Over 1,000 Europeans a day ask Google to scrub Web

(AP) — Google is being swamped with requests from Europeans trying to erase unflattering links to their past from the world's dominant Internet search engine.