Explosion at Calif. explosives plant brings alarm

(AP) — An explosion at an explosives plant sounds like a dog-bites-dog story, but this one had people alarmed.

Tahoe golf courses conserving water in drought

(AP) — In the early morning, streams of water fly out of sprinklers with droplets falling onto a green golf course below.

California smartphone 'kill switch' bill advances

(AP) — On a second attempt, California lawmakers have advanced a bill that would require electronics manufacturers to install a shut-off function in all smartphones as a way to deter what one senator called a crime wave of thefts.

Attorney: Shelly Sterling wants to keep Clippers

(AP) — An attorney representing the estranged wife of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling says she will fight to retain her 50 percent ownership stake in the team.

Assembly passes bill banning lobbyist fundraisers

(AP) — Lawmakers have unanimously approved a bill that would ban lobbyists from hosting fundraisers at their homes and offices following a scandal that embroiled some of the state's top political leaders.

FTC: Snapchat deceived customers

(AP) — Snapchat has agreed to settle with the Federal Trade Commission over charges that it deceived customers about the disappearing nature of messages sent through its service and collected users' contacts without telling them or asking permission.

Obama taps tech world for cash amid privacy debate

(AP) — They come from different worlds — the buttoned-down political culture of Washington and the entrepreneurial, socks-optional, let's-do-this-faster ethos of Silicon Valley.

LinkedIn proposes expansion in hometown

(AP) — Professional networking site LinkedIn is proposing to add office space in its hometown in Silicon Valley.

Obama up and down state in day 2 of Calif. swing

(AP) — President Barack Obama will go from Southern California to San Diego to Silicon Valley on the second of a three-day California swing that includes five Democratic fundraisers.

Tesla loses $50 million in 1Q as costs rise

(AP) — Electric car maker Tesla Motors lost $49.8 million in the first quarter as development costs grew compared with a year ago.