Sony hackers reference 9/11 in new threats against theaters

(AP) — Hackers calling themselves Guardians of Peace made ominous threats Tuesday against movie theaters showing Sony Pictures' film "The Interview" that referenced the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

San Francisco to vote on $3M settlement

(AP) — The San Francisco Board of Supervisors will vote Tuesday on whether to pay almost $3 million to settle a claim filed by the family of a woman found dead in a hospital stairwell 17 days after she disappeared from her hospital room last year.

Water dispute nears end between tribes, government

(AP) — A decades-old dispute over water rights between Southern California Indian tribes and the government is nearing an end.

California developer sentenced in fraud case

(AP) — A Southern California real estate developer has been sentenced to 18 months in federal prison for defrauding his partners of nearly $900,000 in a Florida shopping center scam.

Court reconsiders anti-Muslim film on YouTube

(AP) — A federal appeals court will reconsider a decision to order YouTube to take down an anti-Muslim film clip that sparked violence in the Middle East and death threats to the actors from those who considered it blasphemous to the Prophet Muhammad.

Google researching use of color in business 

(AP) — Google is one of the major U.S. corporations researching the power of color in the working world, in everything from workspaces to marketing and branding.

Sony threatens to sue for publishing stolen emails 

(AP) — A lawyer representing Sony Pictures Entertainment is warning news organizations not to publish details of company files leaked by hackers in one of the largest digital breaches ever against an American company.

In e-books fight, NY appeals court seeks a bully

(AP) — A federal appeals panel is trying to decide whether Apple Inc. or Inc. was the bigger bully when price wars over electronic books heated up a few years ago.

Brazil: Google fined in Petrobras probe

(AP) — A Brazilian court says it has fined Google around $200,000 for refusing to intercept emails needed in a corruption investigation at state-run oil company Petrobras.

Airbnb: LA hosts collect $43.1 million in rent

(AP) — Short-term housing rentals are growing in Los Angeles — and so is the debate around them.