Companies continue battle for Marvel superheroes

(AP) — Spider-Man, X-Men and The Hulk will loom large in a federal appeals court as Disney battles for the rights to Marvel's iconic comic book characters in a longtime dispute.

Now in aisle 3 at Lowe's: robots

(AP) — The robots are coming. Lowe's is testing whether new bots on wheels can improve its customer service, like helping a shopper find a match for something as simple as a nail.

3Q user growth hits Twitter stock after-hours

(AP) — Twitter's third-quarter revenue outpaced expectations, but investors concerned about user growth and holiday-quarter sales clipped the company's stock price late Monday.

Apple CEO challenges home state on LGBT rights

(AP) — Apple CEO Tim Cook is challenging his home state of Alabama to do more to ensure the rights of people based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Charter school group plans major LA expansion

(AP) — One of the nation's largest charter school groups says it hopes to more than double its enrollment in the Los Angeles area over the next six years.

Disney pens love letter to Japan with robot film 

(AP) — Disney executives call their next film "a love letter to Japanese culture." No wonder: This nation can't get enough of animation, especially Disney's.

Steinbeck heirs fight over control of movie rights

(AP) — John Steinbeck's heirs say a literary agency is wrongly cutting them out of negotiations over movie deals for the late Nobel Prize-winning author's books.

California startup unveils gun technology for cops 

(AP) — A Silicon Valley startup has developed technology to let dispatchers know when a police officer's weapon has been fired.

Tech firm fined for paying workers $1.21 per hour

(AP) — A Silicon Valley company is paying more than $43,000 in back wages and penalties after labor regulators found eight employees imported from India were being treated like they were in an overseas sweat shop while they were working on a special project in the U.S.

Magic Johnson ready to assist tech in diversity 

(AP) — Retired Los Angeles Laker Magic Johnson became famous for dishing out assists to his teammates during his Hall of Fame basketball career. Now, as an entrepreneur focused on minority markets, he says he is ready to help Silicon Valley hire more blacks and Latinos to diversify the technology industry's largely white and Asian workforce.