San Diego considers recycling water for drinking

(AP) — San Diego is joining other California cities that are taking a closer look at recycling wastewater for drinking as the state suffers from severe drought.

Google buys up Dutch wind energy for data center

(AP) — Google says it will buy the entire output of an 18-turbine, 62-megawatt Dutch wind energy project in the Netherlands to supply power to a major data center it is building.

Restaurateur pleads guilty to serving whale meat

(AP) — The parent company and owner of a now-closed Southern California restaurant have pleaded guilty to serving meat from an endangered whale.

Study finds declining pollution at Metrolink yard

(AP) — A new study finds that potentially harmful diesel emissions are declining significantly at Metrolink's central maintenance facility near downtown Los Angeles.

Huge solar plant lags in early production

(AP) — The largest solar power plant of its type in the world isn't producing as much energy as planned.

Actavis to spend $66B on Allergan

(AP) — Actavis will pay $66 billion to buy fellow drugmaker Allergan in a deal that could finally stop a months-long takeover push from Valeant Pharmaceuticals for the Botox maker.

Shopping center planned for Candlestick Park site

Lennar and Macerich have announced a joint $1B retail venture at the former Candlestick Park site in San Francisco.(AP) — Candlestick Park will become the site of a large "urban outlet" shopping center.

Disney to help New York theatergoers with tickets 

(AP) — Disney is giving an early Christmas present to theatergoers in New York — the gift of flexibility.

Creditor appeals California city's bankruptcy plan

(AP) — A major investment firm is challenging a court-approved bankruptcy plan for the California city of Stockton.

State's pension liability growing by billions

(AP) — With each passing year, California taxpayers are increasingly liable for billions of dollars more to cover retirement benefits for police, firefighters, teachers and other public employees, according to a massive amount of pension data recently released by the state Controller's Office.