Barbie blues gave Mattel holiday disappointment

(AP) — Slumping sales of Barbie did little to bring a happy holiday to her maker, Mattel Inc.

California meets judges' prison crowding goal 1 year early

(AP) — California reached a court-ordered target to reduce the number of inmates in its crowded prisons on Thursday, more than a year ahead of the deadline set by federal judges.

Protest hits California city for linking with Vietnam city

(AP) — Hundreds of people gathered in Riverside on Thursday to protest its new sister-city relationship with a city in Vietnam, arguing that nation's communist government abuses human rights.

Court upholds deceptive ad claims against POM

(AP) — A federal appeals court said Friday that many advertising claims for POM Wonderful juice were deceptive in asserting that it curbs the risk of heart disease, prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction and is clinically proven to work.

Measles outbreak with Disney park origins grows to 95 cases

(AP) — A measles outbreak whose spread originated at Disneyland has grown to 95 cases.

Nobel laureate Charles Townes, laser co-creator, dies at 99

(AP) — Charles H. Townes, the Nobel Prize-winning physicist who helped create the laser that would revolutionize everything from medicine to manufacturing, has died. He was 99.

NASA moisture satellite launch scrubbed due to winds

(AP) — NASA has scrubbed the launch of an Earth-observing satellite because of wind conditions over California.

California declares electronic cigarettes a health threat

(AP) — California health officials on Wednesday declared electronic cigarettes a health threat that should be strictly regulated like tobacco products, joining other states and health advocates across the U.S. in seeking tighter controls as "vaping" grows in popularity.

Sheriffs expand concerns about Waze mobile traffic app

(AP) — A sheriffs' organization is broadening its concerns about the popular Waze (pronounced "ways") mobile traffic app. Now it says a feature that lets drivers warn others about nearby police cruisers not only presents a threat to police safety, it also interferes with the ability to write speeding tickets.

LA jury awards $5 million to funk legend Sly Stone

(AP) — Funk legend Sly Stone was awarded $5 million on Tuesday in a breach-of-contract suit that claimed his business partners and his own company cheated him out of royalties.