Fresno architect Dyson featured on HGTV

Lapp residence SangerLapp residence SangerFresno architect Arthur Dyson, known designer of upscale homes internationally, will be featured on the cable TV network HGTV.

The Lapp Home in Sanger and the Hilton Residence in Panama City Beach, Fla., will be seen on the show “Extreme Homes,” which has been revamped to provide more of an architectural look at amazing homes.

The episodes featuring Dyson’s designs will air sometime from the end of September to the end of December. More specific dates have not yet been set.

One of the goals in Dyson’s participation is to show the quality of architects and architecture in the Central Valley, including Dyson’s unique works.

“Arthur’s houses are some of our best and we are very proud to be able to feature the work of such a remarkable architect,” said Lina Zilinskaite, a spokesperson for Pioneer Productions, the London-based company that is filming the series, in a release. “It has been a pleasure to work with him. He’s a fantastic architect and a great person.”

Dyson has practiced architecture and environmental design in Fresno for more than 40 years. His experience began while working with the legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1959.

The HGTV network reaches more than 80 million homes, so Dyson will have excellent exposure of the design of the two featured homes.

The Lapp Home in Sanger has a gentile, continuous sweeping curved roof and interior walls that are permeated with apertures of clear glass that allow the eye to stretch outward, unencumbered from one end of the home to the other.

The Hilton Residence in Panama City Beach has a large wing-like white roof and interior spaces that flow freely without walls or partitions.

Filming of the Lapp residence is scheduled for the evening of July 9 and the morning of July 10. The Hilton residence will be filmed on July 17.