Giti Tire expected to bring 1,700 jobs to SC 

(AP) — A Singapore-based tire manufacturer plans to spend $560 million on a plant in South Carolina that is expected to create 1,700 new jobs over the next decade.

S&P 500 ends higher, snapping 3-day losing streak 

(AP) — The stock market is closing higher on corporate deal news and an improved forecast from chipmaker Intel.

FCC examining reasons for Internet traffic jams 

(AP) — The Federal Communications Commission is setting out to unravel the mystery behind the Internet traffic jams bogging down the delivery of Netflix videos and other online content.

Amaya buying PokerStars, Full Tilt owner for $4.9B

(AP) — The owner and operator of the PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker brands is selling itself to Amaya Gaming Group Inc. in a $4.9 billion deal that is part of its plan to hopefully return to the U.S. market after a dustup with federal authorities three years ago.

Former TV exec says college pay a dangerous path 

(AP) — A former president of CBS Sports says he fears the popularity of college sports would suffer if athletes receive money to play because fans enjoy the concept of young people playing sports for the love of the game.

Wireless companies put up more 'stealth' towers

(AP) — One might be hidden in a cross on a church lawn. Others are disguised as a cactus in the desert, a silo in farm country or a palm tree reaching into a sunny sky.

GM recalling Camaros for ignition switch problem 

(AP) — Ignition switches once again are causing problems for General Motors.

Homeowner to burn house teetering on Texas cliff

This $700,000 home in Central Texas will be burned in response to its lakeside perch eroding. AP Photo(AP) — The owner of a vacant luxury house teetering atop a crumbling 75-foot cliff over a Central Texas lake has decided to burn the home.

China housing slump sparks fears for economy

(AP) — Six months ago, China's housing market was so red-hot that Feng Xiaowei, a sales manager at a real estate agency in the eastern city of Hangzhou, rarely took a day off.

Immigration a political quandary for Republicans 

(AP) — House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's startling primary loss this week to a tea party-backed opponent illustrates how the GOP finds itself paralyzed by immigration reform. The policy most party leaders agree is best for the Republican Party's future is risky for most House Republicans seeking re-election in the fall.