Congress relaxes whole grain standards for schools 

(AP) — Congress is taking some whole grains off the school lunch line.

Massive $1.1 trillion spending bill unveiled 

(AP) — A huge, $1.1 trillion spending bill funding every corner of government opened to mixed reviews Wednesday, with conservatives unhappy that it fails to challenge President Barack Obama's immigration policy while many Democrats are displeased because it weakens the 2010 Dodd-Frank regulation of risky financial instruments.

FAA issues commercial drone permits to 4 companies 

(AP) — Under pressure from Congress to speed access to U.S. skies for commercial drones, the government granted four companies permission Wednesday to use drones for aerial surveillance, construction site monitoring and oil rig flare stack inspections.

Why areas with good jobs have hard-to-afford homes

(AP) —€” It's the new career trade-off: Around the country, areas with the strongest job markets increasingly have some of the costliest homes. And areas with the most affordable homes lack a solid base of middle class jobs that attract workers.

Citigroup to take $3.5 billion charge this quarter 

(AP) — Citigroup said Tuesday that it will incur charges of $3.5 billion in the fourth quarter to cover legal and restructuring costs.

Fox announces global premiere for series

(AP) — Fox says it will premiere its psychological thriller "Wayward Pines" next May 14 simultaneously in more than 125 countries, including the United States.

Court: No pay for Amazon warehouse security checks 

(AP) — The Supreme Court says warehouse workers who fill orders for retail giant Amazon don't have to be paid for time spent waiting to pass through security checks at the end of their shifts.

IG: IRS paid $6 billion in bogus child tax credits 

(AP) — A government investigator says the IRS paid at least $6 billion in child tax credits in 2013 to people who weren't eligible to receive them.

US job openings rise, hiring remains healthy 

(AP) — The number of available U.S. jobs rose in October to the second-highest level in 14 years, and companies kept hiring at a healthy pace, adding to evidence of an improving economy.

Amazon introduces 'make an offer' service 

(AP) — Amazon wants you to make an offer sellers won't want to refuse.