China tightens rules on Internet use, online comments 

(AP) — China announced Wednesday that users of blogs and chat rooms will be required to register their names with operators and promise in writing to avoid challenging the Communist political system, further tightening control over Internet use.

Saudi prince's firm sells most of its stake in News Corp.

(AP) — The investment firm headed by Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal says it has sold off most of its stake in Rupert Murdoch's News Corp.

Not just Monopoly money: Game in France will have real thing

(AP) — You can pass go, get out of jail free and collect real money.

Hopes for an end to oil price rout sends stocks higher

(AP) — Hopeful signs that the long-running collapse in oil prices could be ending helped send the stock market sharply higher.

Study: Finishing college a growing divide between rich, poor

(AP) — There is a growing divide between who earns a bachelor's degree by age 24, with the gap between the nation's richest and poorest students doubling during the last four decades, according to a report released Tuesday.

Study: Many herbal supplements aren't what the label says

(AP) — Bottles of Walmart-brand echinacea, an herb said to ward off colds, were found to contain no echinacea at all. GNC-brand bottles of St. John's wort, touted as a cure for depression, held rice, garlic and a tropical houseplant, but not a trace of the herb.

UK moves toward making babies from DNA of 3 people 

(AP) — Britain moved Tuesday toward allowing scientists to create humans from the DNA of three people.

What to do? Some questions and answers about measles at work

(AP) — A boss who's worried about an outbreak of measles in the workplace needs to tread lightly.

Energizer debuts recycled AA and AAA batteries

(AP) — Billions of discarded household batteries make their way into landfills every year and now one of the nation's largest battery makers says it is putting some of them to good use.

Corinthian students lured by job prospects get loan break 

(AP) — A federal regulator says Corinthian College students will be forgiven a total of $480 million in loans because the for-profit school used "bogus" job prospects to persuade them to pay tuition with expensive private loans.