Detroit files plan to fix debt, leave bankruptcy 

(AP) — Detroit's emergency manager filed a plan Friday to restructure the city's $18 billion debt by making cuts to pensions and creditors while offering a blueprint for emerging from the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history.

Transcripts show Fed grappling with 2008 crisis 

(AP) — Newly released transcripts of the Federal Reserve's meetings during 2008 show the Fed grappling with a widening financial catastrophe and struggling to keep the crisis from tipping the economy into a deep recession.

US home sales plunged 5.1 percent in January

(AP) — Sales of existing U.S. homes plummeted in January to the worst pace in 18 months. Cold weather, limited supplies of homes on the market and higher buying costs held back purchases.

Beleaguered Sony counting on new game machine 

(AP) — PlayStation stands out among the long list of famous Sony brands as one that hasn't faded or succumbed to a nimbler competitor. Months after hitting global markets, the latest version of the video-game console went on sale Saturday in Tokyo, a big shift from times when Sony was ascendant enough to launch flagship products in Japan first.

Verizon closes on $130 billion wireless deal

(AP) — Verizon has completed an approximately $130 billion deal to take over all of Verizon Wireless.

Ag census shows boom in farm sales 

(AP) — American agriculture has experienced a boom, with market values of crops, livestock and total agricultural products reaching record highs even as the amount of U.S. farmland declined, according to a new government survey.

Number of US farms declines, farmers getting older 

(AP) — The number of U.S. farms is declining even as the value of their crops and livestock has increased over the past five years, a government census of American agriculture released Thursday says.

90-day limit on wait for employer health coverage

(AP) — Employers can't make new hires wait more than 90 days for coverage in the company's health care plan.

Wealth gap is widest in some affluent US cities

(AP) — The gap between the wealthy and the poor is most extreme in several of the United States' most prosperous and largest cities.

BNSF plans to upgrade tanker fleet after accidents

(AP) — BNSF Railway Co. said Thursday it intends to buy a fleet of 5,000 strengthened tank cars to haul oil and ethanol in a move that would set a higher safety standard for a fleet that's seen multiple major accidents.