Ford's aluminum F-150 almost ready for prime time 

Ford is scheduled to start production of the new aluminum-sided 2015 F-150 Tuesday.(AP) — It's Ford Motor Co.'s biggest bet in decades: an aluminum-sided F-150 that could set a new industry standard — or cost the company its pickup truck crown.

In socialist Venezuela, a Barbie under every tree

(AP) — Venezuelan socialism has embraced Barbie, just in time for Christmas.

Largest US business delegation ever visits Egypt

(AP) — Representatives from over 60 U.S. companies wrapped up Tuesday a two-day visit to Egypt described as the largest such delegation in history that aimed to explore potential businesses to boost the country's ailing economy. But critics say the visit strikes the wrong tone amid a government crackdown on freedoms.

Detroit starts down the road to recovery, respect 

(AP) — The largest U.S. city to endure bankruptcy has exited insolvency $7 billion lighter in debt, but the effects of civic neglect linger for many in Detroit who still fall asleep to echoes of gunfire and awake surrounded by blocks and blocks of abandoned houses.

E-cigarette firm eyes emerging cannabis oil market 

(AP) — As more states approve the medicinal and recreational use of marijuana, an Oklahoma-based electronic cigarette retailer is looking to build a national franchise.

Massachusetts town weighs nation's 1st tobacco ban 

(AP) — The cartons of Marlboros, cans of Skoal and packs of Swisher Sweets are hard to miss stacked near the entrance of Vincent's Country Store, but maybe not for much longer: All tobacco products could become contraband if local health officials get their way.

China pledges $40 billion for new 'Silk Road' 

(AP) — Chinese President Xi Jinping is promising $40 billion to help Asian nations improve trade links in a new effort to assert Beijing's ambitions as a regional leader.

US stocks climb to new highs; home builders gain 

(AP) — For stocks on Monday, the path of least resistance was up.

Energy tycoon ordered to pay ex-wife nearly $1B

(AP) — A judge in Oklahoma is ordering the chairman and CEO of energy giant Continental Resources Inc. to pay his wife nearly $1 billion as part of a divorce settlement.

Mall loses bid to block release of shooting videos

(AP) — An upscale New Jersey mall can't stop the release of surveillance videos related to the fatal carjacking of a young lawyer there last December.