US home sales plunge 4.9 percent in January

(AP) — U.S. home sales struck a snow drift in January, plunging to the slowest pace in nine months.

Wal-Mart raises could help lift pay in lower-wage industries 

(AP) — The modest raises that Wal-Mart has said it will give its lowest-paid workers provide a glimmer of hope for lower-wage workers in other companies and industries.

Stock market hits new high after Greece gets loan extension

(AP) — The stock market is closing at an all-time high after Greece reached a deal with creditors to extend its bailout.

Florist who refused to serve gay couple rejects settlement 

(AP) — A florist who refused to provide flowers for a gay wedding has rejected an offer from the Washington state attorney general to settle a discrimination case by paying a $2,000 fine and agreeing to sell bouquets for same-sex ceremonies in the future.

FTC files complaint over anti-insect wrist bands

(AP) — The Federal Trade Commission has filed a complaint against a company that makes wrist bands intended to repel insects, saying there is no evidence they work.

US to fine air bag maker Takata $14,000 per day 

(AP) — The U.S. government will fine Japanese air bag maker Takata Corp. $14,000 per day for failing to fully cooperate in a long-running investigation of faulty and potentially dangerous air bag inflators.

Kentucky governor: On union matters, we're no Tennessee 

(AP) — In an unexpected shot across the bow of his GOP neighbors to the south, Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear has a simple message on labor and economic development for automakers looking to build new plants: We're not Tennessee.

Doctors say fitness trackers, health apps can boost care 

(AP) — That phone app keeping track of your exercise and meals might keep you out of the hospital one day.

Want a meal on 2 wheels? Utah may halt bikes in drive-thrus

(AP) — Cyclists who want to grab a quick taco or hamburger while cruising through Salt Lake City may soon find that Utah has restricted their two-wheeled meals.

800,000 customers given wrong tax info 

(AP) — About 800,000 customers got the wrong tax information from the government, the Obama administration said Friday, and officials are asking those affected to delay filing their 2014 returns.