Stocks head lower on Wall Street, led by banks 

(AP) — Banks and other financial firms tugged the stock market slightly lower Thursday as a mixed batch of economic reports and earnings results gave investors little reason to push the market up.

Philip Morris Int'l to sell Marlboro HeatStick 

(AP) — Philip Morris International Inc. is hoping to capitalize on the growing appetite for alternatives to traditional smokes like e-cigarettes with a new Marlboro-branded product that heats tobacco rather than burning it.

Ikea raises hourly pay for US retail workers

(AP) — Ikea's U.S. division is raising the minimum wage for thousands of its retail workers, pegging it to the cost of living in each location, instead of its competition.

After Aereo, what's next for Internet TV? 

(AP) — The Supreme Court shot down Aereo's business model this week, but that doesn't mean customers' desire for a better TV experience is gone.

FAA eyes lower building height limit near airports

(AP) — The government wants to dramatically reduce the allowable height of buildings near hundreds of airports — a proposal that is drawing fire from real estate developers and members of Congress who say it will reduce property values.

FDA grapples with oversight of fecal transplants 

(AP) — Imagine a low-cost treatment for a life-threatening infection that could cure up to 90 percent of patients with minimal side effects, often in a few days.

Stocks edge higher despite economic data

(AP) — The U.S. stock market inched modestly higher Wednesday, recovering more than half of what it lost the day before, as investors were able to set aside two disappointing economic reports.

Keep those pot plants potted: No more ripping weed 

(AP) — Police in some medical marijuana states who once routinely seized illegal pot plants by ripping them out by their roots and stashing them away in musty evidence rooms to die are now thinking twice about the practice.

Justices rule for broadcasters in fight with Aereo 

(AP) — The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that a startup Internet company has to pay broadcasters when it takes television programs from the airwaves and allows subscribers to watch them on smartphones and other portable devices.

New Mexico regulators deny permit to Uber

(AP) — New Mexico regulators have denied a temporary operating permit for a major ride-sharing company.