'Homebrew' email servers: Genius as well as sneaky?

(AP) — No, it's not always a room filled with wires and glowing blue lights. It's probably not even the size of your furnace. The personal email server used by Hillary Rodham Clinton during her time as secretary of state was probably about the size of your office desktop computer and could have been tucked quietly in a corner somewhere.

More want local beef, but fewer want tough job of cutting it

(AP) — Kent Weise loves his work, but after 38 years slaughtering cattle, lugging carcasses that can weigh more than 1,000 pounds and slowly, methodically slicing cuts of meat, he understands why few people want to go into the business anymore.

Runways open at LaGuardia after plane that skidded removed

(AP) — The rough landing of a Delta jetliner at LaGuardia Airport in a driving snowstorm just minutes after the runway had been plowed has raised questions about when airports should close runways due to snow or ice.

Apple will replace AT&T in the Dow Jones industrial average

(AP) — In the Dow's elite club, Apple is in and AT&T is out.

Solid US jobs report: 295K positions added; rate at 5.5 pct.

(AP) — A burst of hiring in February underscored the resilience and confidence of U.S. businesses, which are adding workers at the fastest pace in 17 years. Yet the strong job gains did little to raise wages last month.

FDA approves first lower-cost biotech drug

(AP) — Federal health officials have approved the first lower-cost copy of a biotech drug to reach the U.S. market, a long-awaited milestone that could generate billions in savings for insurers, doctors and patients.

US stocks edge higher; Pharmacyclics jumps on AbbVie bid 

(AP) — The stock market closed slightly higher on Thursday as gains for utilities and financial stocks were largely offset by losses in energy and materials companies.

Americans spent $58 billion to pamper, protect pets in 2014

(AP) — We feed them, groom them, clothe them and otherwise shell out the big bucks to protect and pamper our pets.

State Dept. will review Clinton emails for possible release

(AP) — The State Department agreed Thursday to review thousands of messages from a private email account that former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton used for government business, but it cautioned that the process will move slowly and perhaps take months.

Major survey shows most Americans support same-sex marriage 

(AP) — In the late 1980s, support for gay marriage was essentially unheard of in America. Just a quarter century later, it's now favored by clear majority of Americans.