Fresno briefing to lay out cap and trade lawsuit

A lawsuit challenging California's cap and trade regulation will be discussed during a community briefing in Fresno this evening.

The briefing is one of several arranged by the Pacific Legal Foundation statewide over the last few weeks laying out the group's case against the new rule.

PLF's lawsuit, filed in the Sacramento County Superior Court in April, questions cap and trade's constitutionality, calling it an illegal tax since the California Air Resources Board implemented the plan without approval by two-thirds majorities in both chambers of the Legislature.

The first cap and trade auction took place last November when dozens of California's largest greenhouse gas emitters purchased permits for every ton of pollution they emitted over a set cap.

The regulation, stemming from the state's AB 32 Global Warming Solutions Act, was designed to encourage more than 350 industrial businesses operating some 600 facilities to cut their greenhouse gas emissions.

Those include manufacturers, food processors, refineries, electric companies and other facilities that emit more than 25,000 tons of carbon dioxide-equivalent emissions each year.

PLF's hearing will take place from 4 to 6 p.m. at the Fresno County Farm Bureau, 1274 W. Hedges Ave. in Fresno.

Members of the public are invited to hear an overview of the lawsuit and ask questions about cap and trade.

Similar briefings will be taking place on July 23 in Redding, July 24 in Durham, July 25 in Colusa and July 30 in Bakersfield.

More information can be found by visiting PFL's website here.