Fresno calls on experts for general plan study

As the City of Fresno updates its plan to deal with the next 25 years of growth, it's calling on consultants with experience in urban design and other areas of development.

The city recently announced a request for proposals for consulting services as it prepares a master environmental impact report for its 2035 General Plan and Development Code Update.

The city's existing general plan was adopted in 2002 as a blueprint for population and economic growth until 2025.

While the general plan has been modified several times since then, the city is now saying it's in need of a new comprehensive plan to guide planners when dealing with issues related to land use, limited natural resources, public utility infrastructure, transportation and job creation.

Experts being sought out include those involved in community outreach, civil engineering, flood prevention, noise exposure, health care, water needs, environmental analysis and utility infrastructure.

Submissions are due to the city on Dec. 1 at 5 p.m. More information can be found by calling the city at (559) 621-8003.

The city has also been calling on the public to help draft its vision of expansion for the next 25 years as it holds a series of community workshops throughout the next year.