Solar system lights up Fashion Furniture

Solar Panels on Fashion Furniture roofSolar Panels on Fashion Furniture roofGreen is the trend this spring at Fashion Furniture in River Park, Fresno, where a large rooftop solar system has been installed.

The 1,064 photovoltaic panels convert sunlight directly into electricity, providing power for lighting and air conditioning.

The installation reflects a national trend that shows California leading the nation in the number of photovoltaic solar panels on rooftops.

And that trend is expected to continue in the Golden State where installations doubled in 2011. Californian installed enough panels to produce 542 megawatts of power.

Nova West Solar, a Fresno solar contractor, installed the Fashion Furniture rooftop system.

Fashion Furniture’s 250-kilowatt system is expected to offset virtually all the average electricity bills for the store, saving $3.27 million over the life of the system. The solar panels will produce more than 388,000-kilowatt hours annually.

Those savings, combined with a federal tax credit grant and depreciation will provide a five-year payback on the store’s solar investment. Fashion Furniture qualified for a new electric rate schedule offered by PG&E for commercial solar customers.

The schedule allowed the size of the system to be reduced, while still offsetting virtually all of the current electric bills.

Fresno’s air quality is also expected to benefit from the installation, thanks to lower co2, nitrogen and so2 (acid rain) emissions.