Grundfos Pumps to begin water reclamation project

Grundfos Pumps embarking on water reclamation projectGrundfos Pumps embarking on water reclamation projectGrundfos Pumps of Fresno will break ground June 6 on a three-part project to make better use of irrigation water at its 27-acre campus.

The plan is already in the works to put in an entire new landscape of trees, shrubs and other vegetation that use less water as well as a more efficient irrigation system with controllers suited to weather conditions and the precise water needs of each plant.

Now, the company will also be installing two water basins totaling four acres to collect enough rain and recycled water to support the external water needs of the campus —about the size of 21 football fields.

A bio-swale system will help filter the water prior to its entering the retention basins.

Lars Aagaard, executive vice president of Grundfos Grou,p and Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin will be in attendance as the project kicks off from 11:30 to noon on June 6 at Grundfos Pumps' Fresno facility located at 5900 E. Shields Ave.

The work is all part of a new campus master plan that will support all of Grundfos' irrigation needs using reclaimed water to help boost Fresno's overall water supply.

Last year, the company saved roughly 3 million gallons of potable water as it began planting more water-conserving plants and using more efficient irrigation techniques.

Besides water, Grundfos has also taken steps to reduce its energy use, helped in large part by a seven-acre, 1.1-megawatt solar array that has offset 40 percent of the 180,000 square-foot manufacturing facility's annual electricity consumption since it was installed in 2008.

Along with natural lighting and energy-efficient pumps, fans and other equipment, the system has contributed to a 30-percent reduction in energy use per unit of output since 2000.

Based in Denmark, Grundfos Pumps Manufacturing Corporation plans to use wastewater and rainwater harvesting at all its building in order to achieve a 30 percent reduction of water consumption company-wide.