Fresno Pacific biz event speaker to stress giving

Bob Burg, author of The Go-Giver, will speak at the 2012 Business Forum hosted by Fresno Pacific University Oct. 24.Bob Burg, author of The Go-Giver, will speak at the 2012 Business Forum hosted by Fresno Pacific University Oct. 24.Giving your customers the highest level of value for their dollar will ultimately spawn higher profits is the message revered business author Bob Burg would like to convey at the 2012 Business Forum hosted by Fresno Pacific University on Oct. 24 at the Fresno Convention & Entertainment Center.

“The focus is always on getting, but when you focus on giving value to others, you’re more naturally going to receive,” Burg said. “I think what happens is that we sort of live in a treacherous dichotomy of either/or — you’re either a giver or a receiver — when really both are breathing out and breathing in, they’re two sides of the very same coin.”

Burg will be the marquee speaker for the annual breakfast and lecture. His book, The Go-Giver, which he co-authored with John D. Mann, reached as high as No. 6 on the Wall Street Journal’s Business Bestsellers list and No. 9 on the Businessweek Best Seller list.

The book is a fictitious account of a young professional named Joe as he learns lessons in life and business while trying to make a name for himself. The title was an intentional play of words to take the emphasis away from “getting.”

“The key is to focus on giving value to others, what you receive is a natural and direct result of the value you give to others,” Burg said.

Burg has spoken in Northern and Southern California, but this will be his first visit to the Central Valley.

However Burg said he’s become good friends through Facebook and Twitter with Baptist Temple, the Fellowship of Joy Pastor Tom Simms and Beth Bridges of the Clovis Chamber of Commerce. He said he plans to meet both for coffee the day before for the first time in person.

The Go-Giver has been translated into 21 different languages and has sold more than 200,000 copies.

Burg said his message impacts all industries in all parts of the world.

“It’s very universal in nature, these are just laws of life and laws of business and typically principles that work in the one area tend to work across the board,” Burg said.

Burg began his professional career as a radio sportscaster, then a television news anchor. Shortly after those stints, he entered the sales field and became a sales manager. From there, as he puts it, it morphed into speaking as a full-time career.

In The Go-Giver, Joe learns the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success, which were inspired by Burg’s real-life personal experiences.

“These are the laws I used to accomplish what I accomplished,” Burg said. “...if you look at anyone successful in business or life, they have consciously or subconsciously followed these five laws.”

The cost for the forum is $50 for an individual or $500 for a table of 10. Tickets are limited and the conference regularly draws sold-out audiences. Last year bestselling author Daniel H. Pink was the guest speaker and the year before Tom’s Shoes founder Blake Mycoskie spoke at the conference.

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