Bank of the Sierra awards local grants

Bank of the Sierra has awarded grants ranging from $1,200 to $3,000 to five charitable programs in the Central Valley.

A “Sierra Grant” in the amount of $3,000 was awarded to Every Neighborhood Partnership’s Heroes Mentoring Program in Fresno. This after-school program targets at-risk students who are having difficulty in school. The Heroes Program volunteers will work with students from grades four to six at Martin Luther King and Susan B. Anthony schools.

Las Madrinas Guild received a $2,500 grant to help support the Guilds Child Abuse Prevention & Treatment Endowment at Children's Hospital Central California in Tulare. This foundation serves the community in a variety of ways, including identifying and treating abuse, neglect, endangerment and other forms of maltreatment.

A $2,000 grant was awarded to Ski Institute for Junior American Minority Inner-City Neighborhoods, Inc. (Ski Jamin) in Coarsegold. Ski Jamin is a non-profit outdoor program designed to inspire, educate and create new experiences for underserved, at-risk, minority and inner-city youth, ages nine to 18, to participate in winter sports.

Another $2,000 went to the Fresno Rescue Mission, which has been helping homeless and at-risk individuals in the greater Fresno County area for over 60 years. The grant funds will be used to support the ongoing need for education and practical tools to promote wellness.

Fit-4-All received $1,200 to implement specialized health, fitness and nutrition programs for at-risk individuals with moderate to severe disabilities in the Fresno area. Fit-4-All will also distribute special fitness videos to schools and individuals with disabilities and will conduct a training program that uses special equipment to help disabled people learn to walk.

The Sierra Grant Program is designed to improve the quality of life for the families, especially the children, who reflect the diversity within Bank of the Sierra branch communities. The Sierra Grant Program is focused on three areas: community services, park preservation, and education. Anyone involved in a non-profit program that is interested in a Sierra Grant can pick up an instructional brochure at any Bank of the Sierra branch, or visit the bank web site at