Paramount Citrus goes from Cuties to Wonderful Halos

Wonderful HalosWonderful HalosDelano-based Paramount Citrus has launched a new premium California mandarin brand called Wonderful Halos and plans to spend $100 million over the next five years as part of an integrated, national campaign to market the "pure goodness" and sweet taste of the seedless easy-peel fruit.

Last month, Paramount Citrus announced it would end its joint venture with grower Sun Pacific, which has sales and packing facilities in Exeter. The two companies previously sold mandarins under the Cuties® brand.

Going forward, Paramount Citrus will sell Halos through a partnership with Fresno-based Fowler Packing. Together, the two companies will oversee all facets of the production, sales and marketing for 65 percent of the country's California mandarin crop.

Halos will join the portfolio of Wonderful Brands® and will be available in November when California mandarin season begins. Wonderful Brands products, including Wonderful® Pistachios, Wonderful® Almonds, Wonderful® Almond Accents® and POM Wonderful®, are currently sold in major food stores across the United States and Canada.

"Over the past few years, moms have really fallen in love with this fruit," said David Krause, president of Paramount Citrus. "For children, it's a healthy alternative to fatty foods like chips and cookies. Kids love the taste, and the small size and the easy 'peel-ability' make this different from other fruits. Halos are fun to peel and sweet to eat. This is a perfect snack for parents and their little angels."

Halos will be available in the produce aisles of grocery and club stores. They will be sold in 3- and 5-pound bags and 5-pound boxes.  The light blue box resembles the sky with the mandarin mascot innocently gazing up at its halo.

Paramount Citrus will tell the Halos story through a multiyear marketing and advertising campaign to promote mandarins to health-conscious consumers. The launch will include television, print, online, trade and outdoor advertising, free standing inserts, point-of-sale displays, retailer promotions, consumer events and public relations activities.

For retailers, Halos will combine Paramount Citrus's industry leadership with Wonderful Brands' strong sales force. Wonderful Brands' 200,000 produce displays are serviced by a large internal sales and merchandising staff. Wonderful Brands currently employs more than 200 salespeople who visit U.S. and Canadian grocers on a monthly basis to ensure consistency of supply and merchandising.

Each member of the Wonderful Brands sales staff is equipped with an iPad to monitor accounts and provide superior customer service.  

With 14,000 acres of mandarin orchards located primarily in California's San Joaquin Valley, Paramount Citrus is the industry's largest grower of mandarins. The company's large acreage allows its employees to pick fruit at the peak of maturity without sacrificing supply.

The majority of the Halos harvest will be processed in the world's largest citrus packinghouse in Delano. To ensure freshness, Paramount Citrus' packinghouses are integrated with the company's shipping facilities.

Both Paramount Citrus and Wonderful Brands are part of the Roll Global family of companies.