Ag Expo announces top new products

The World Ag Expo is home to many new ideas and the best of 2012 include a handful of high-tech ideas from California manufacturers that help farmers and ranchers.

Innovative products will be featured at the World Ag Expo, to be held Feb. 14-16, 2012 in Tulare, Calif.

The ideas are categorized in a list of 2012 top-10 new products. The list also includes honorable mentions and one is from Claude Lavel Corp. in Fresno.

Claude Lavel Corp. developed TwistIIClean, a new inline water filter that simplifies cleaning in agricultural and residential water pipe applications. The filter can be cleaned without turning off the water supply.

Another honorable mention also went to Nutware by Nut Software in Atwater, Calif. for a new software system that tracks nuts from tree to final destination. An ad for the product states that when hullers, processors and brokers use Nutware, growers can track their commodities, and obtain grade, delivery and forecast information.

Top-10 items on the World Ag Expo list are:

• ai24’s SCR HR-Tag by Micro Dairy Logic of Amarillo, a new tag that tracks down rumination and activity levels to provide unique insight into cow well-being and reproductive status.

• DeLaval AMR by DeLaval Inc., Vernon Hills, Illinois, the first and only automated milking system for rotary milking parlors.

• Durablend by EnviroTech Services Inc., Greeley, Colo., an enhanced chloride dust control and road stabilization product that provides a more efficient, longer lasting and more environmentally-friendly alternative to typical chloride treatments.

• SuperSleeve by Flowler Nurseries Inc., Newcastle, Calif., a more durable tree sleeve that offers better, longer spray and sunburn protection for new orchards.

• Hoof-Tec Complete Footbath System by Hoof-Tec Footbath Solutions, Shreveport, La., a one-step process to simplify control of hoof diseases in dairy cows.

• Oxbo 9120 Raspberry Harvester by Oxbo International, Lynden, Wash., a new raspberry harvester designed and built to pick up only the highest-quality fruit.

• SawStop by SawStop LLC, Tualatin, Ore., an innovative table saw that prevents operator injury in the blink of an eye.

• iCropTrak by ScanControl Inc., Pleasanaton, Calif., a new iPad app that lets farmers and ranchers take their office to the field.

• DewPoint 6110 by Staheli West, Inc., Cedar City, Utah, a baling system with steam that puts hay growers in control of their hay harvest schedules.

• Valley Tire Pressure  Monitor by Valley Irrigation, Valley, Neb., a center pivot tire pressure monitor system that lets irrigators check tire pressure at the control panel.