Gordon Webster, Jr.

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BLOG: Bay Delta plan needs fed, state action

Since 2006, the formal Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) process has been underway at a cost of more than $150 million to conduct comprehensive and detailed analysis on how best to plan for California’s future.

We all know that water is a critically important policy issue for our state and now is the time for decisions to be made on how to improve the state’s infrastructure and water supply.

California businesses need a stable supply of water, protected from the threats of shortages, rationing and inaction.

Recently the California Chamber of Commerce and other organizations sent a letter to U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar and California Secretary of Natural Resources John Laird urging action on the BDCP in order to reach the goals of water reliability, Delta restoration, job creation and growth in California’s economy. Without these improvements in the Delta, we could lose new industry investments.

This project will be paid for by the users that will benefit most directly. The construction will also create more than 129,000 jobs.  Cal. Chamber President and CEO Alan Zaremberg said, “Without infrastructure improvements, all kinds of new developments in our state will be at risk due to the possibility of disruptions. We could lose jobs due to a lack of a reliable clear water supply.”

It is critically important for federal and state officials to quickly reach consensus and move forward with the Bay Delta Conservation Plan.