Gordon Webster, Jr.

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BLOG: Walker's victory big news for small business

On Tuesday, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker survived his recall election — the first governor in U.S. history to do so.The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) played an important role in the win by educating its membership through various grassroots initiatives in Wisconsin.

Dan Danner, president and CEO of the NFIB said, “as pundits all across the country are saying, Governor Walker’s victory is an important indicator for this election year.” He went on to say that for small business, this victory means so much more. Big labor has become such an intimidating force when it comes to influencing elections, but Gov. Walker’s victory shows that those days may be part of the past.  

Small businesses can certainly never match the amount of money that Big Labor dumps into elections. But we can join together to educate our communities to turn out the vote for leaders who support our nation’s job creators.

Congratulations Gov. Walker.