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BLOG: Hidden Cash is coming to Fresno

Fresno residents who like finding random $50 or $100 bills should probably take to Twitter with the news that "Hidden Cash" movement is coming to the Central Valley.

The Twitter account Hidden Cash has captured the attention of the country and the world. Led by a Bay Area real estate investor, the account offers clues to hidden stashes of money in various cities. San Francisco, Sacramento, Oakland and even Tel Aviv are some of the recent stops for the Hidden Cash movement.

Local Twitter followers have reached out to Jason Buzi, who has gone public as one of the people behind HIdden Cash, to come to Fresno. It sounds like he heard their calls. Today Hidden Cash tweeted the following clue as to when the hunt will start in Fresno:

"Clue as to when we are coming: Basically, a fat squirrel that lives in the mountains. Day of the week starts with same letter."

The Hidden Cash Twitter account says hunts will take place in three cities in the next seven days: Madrid, Fresno and San Diego.

Happy to see that Hidden Cash isn't ignoring California's fifth-largest city. I'm just hoping nobody gets hurt in the expected mad dash because if there's anything people need in Fresno, it's money.