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BLOG: No, you can't shoot a video and drive safely

Remember the good old days when eating a burrito and screaming at your kids were the most distracting things you could do while driving?

BLOG: ARB, call your cap-and-trade proceeds what they really are

A landmark case before the Third District Court of Appeal in Sacramento reveals that the state is cooking up a new word for taking money from private entities — a "byproduct."

BLOG: Groundwater problem needs more surface storage

New data from the state Department of Water Resources reveals that more water surface storage will be needed to help the state recharge its groundwater basins.

BLOG: Pistachio problems on the horizon?

With all this talk about the drought it may be easy for us city folk to forget about the million other threats to our ag-based economy.

BLOG: Local fifth-grade improv team invited to global competition

A group of five Fresno fifth-graders is seeking help from the community to fund a trip to Knoxville, Tennessee to compete in a global competition.

BLOG: Enhanced driver license to reduce border wait times

The state Legislature has so far shown bipartisan agreement on a California Chamber of Commerce-supported bill to create an enhanced driver license, making cross-border travel easier.

BLOG: Assemblyman 'outraged' at judge's prison sex change order

Assemblyman Devon Mathis (R-Visalia) said he is "outraged" at a federal judge's recent ruling requiring the California corrections department to provide a transgender inmate with sex reassignment surgery.

BLOG: Introducing the Morning Roundup

Editor's note: The inaugural Morning Roundup has been sent.

BLOG: Get behind plan to fix state's aging water system

In the next few weeks you may hear more and more about the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP), Gov. Jerry Brown's proposal to fix the state's aging water distribution system.

BLOG: Give a cluck, rescue a chicken April 4

The Central California Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is looking for local folks who give a cluck.