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BLOG: Does homeless Kashkari capture the real Fresno?

If you haven't seen Neel Kashkari's video of his experience living homeless for a week in Fresno, do it now, if only to see some familiar spots in the downtown area.

BLOG: Perea reports on Central America border talks

 Senator Darrell Steinberg meets Salvadoran President Salvador Sanchez Ceren. Perea (blue tie) is among a delegation of California lawmakers in Central America this week.Assemblymber Henry T. Perea (D-Fresno) is among a delegation of state lawmakers traveling in Central America this week as the debate over how to handle a onslaught of unaccompanied minors at the US border rages on.

BLOG: Split roll parcel tax dies

A legislative proposal that would have allowed school districts to create a split roll at the local level with regard to parcel taxes has died.

BLOG: Forget potato salad Kickstarter — here's the bowl

The One BowlYou might have heard about the guy who went on the crowd funding website Kickstarter to raise money to make potato salad. Since July 3, he had collected nearly $45,000 in pledges.

BLOG: Prop 30 helps balance state budget

In a stark turnaround from just two years ago, this year’s fiscal plan is premised on rapidly growing revenues, up by $7 billion from two years ago. Much of the growth is a consequence of the income and sales tax increases approved by voters in Proposition 30 in 2012.

BLOG: Hidden Cash is coming to Fresno

Fresno residents who like finding random $50 or $100 bills should probably take to Twitter with the news that "Hidden Cash" movement is coming to the Central Valley.

BLOG: Paid sick leave mandate threatens business

Legislation requiring employers large and small to provide all employees in California with paid sick leave took another step forward recently.

BLOG: Fresno's smoking ban and other archive gems

The Business Journal archive is always good for an interesting read, so here are some items of interest from decades past in Central Valley business.

BLOG: Fresno getting new 'bikini barista' coffee stand

According to its Facebook page, Pink Pantherz Espress opens its Fresno location at 3862 W. Shaw Avenue on Friday.Not content to let Clovis have all the fun, Fresno appears to be the next home to a coffee stand staffed by scantily-clad female baristas.

BLOG: Fresno holds its own with weird news

Fresno's no stranger to weird news stories that go national.