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BLOG: Coarsegold 8th grader in running for $15K contest

Meagan Rich is in the running for a $15,000 cash prize in a national Uncle Ben's recipe contest.Coarsegold 8th grader Meagan Rich is looking for some local online help in hopes of winning $30,000 for her school and $15,000 for herself.

BLOG: Ghostbusters offers lesson in economics

Came across this in my inbox today from the Chicago-based think tank The Heartland Institute. One of their research fellows rexamines the film classic "Ghostbusters" and highlights the economic lessons we should take away on its 30th anniversary. It's a good read on a soon-to-be rainy Halloween.

BLOG: Remember state's bad tax system at the polls

As people complete their mail-in ballots or prepare to hit the polls Tuesday for the November general election, here is one fact they should keep in mind: California is one of the worst state's when it comes to taxes.

BLOG: Print-on-demand firm taps Fresno for West Coast home

Commercial printing may be the last place you would expect a newcomer in Fresno, but a Nashville-based company is making a go here with a concept that could appeal to the hot independent publishing market.

BLOG: More than 13K 'Best of' votes cast so far

The Best of Central Valley Business Reader’s Choice Awards have garnered more than 13,000 votes in the first few weeks of voting.

BLOG: Franchise bill stokes local opinion

It's fair to say that Fresno is a franchise town.

BLOG: Best of Central Valley Business voting begins Friday

We're excited to announce that voting starts Monday for our Best of Central Valley Business Reader's Choice Awards.

BLOG: Coffeehouse ribbon cutting at bold Fultonia project

The Cafe Aroma Coffeehouse, which opened at the end of last year at Fresno's Fultonia apartment complex, is hosting a ribbon cutting ceremony tomorrow starting at 8 a.m.

BLOG: We have a water bond

With bipartisan support last week, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a $7.5 billion water bond that includes $2.7 billion for water storage.

BLOG: Does homeless Kashkari capture the real Fresno?

If you haven't seen Neel Kashkari's video of his experience living homeless for a week in Fresno, do it now, if only to see some familiar spots in the downtown area.