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BLOG: Chaffee Zoo duck enters Beast Mode, picks Seahawks

Zookeeper Shayna Kramb (left) holds up Lazarus the duck for the media Friday.Fresno Chaffee Zoo was truly in Beast Mode Friday afternoon when a resident duck picked the Seattle Seahawks to win Super Bowl XLIX this weekend.

BLOG: Chaffee Zoo taps duck for Super Bowl pick

This white-faced whistling duck is not Lazarus, but probably looks like the Fresno Chaffee Zoo duck who will make a prediction for the Super Bowl Friday.Fresno Chaffee Zoo's annual Super Bowl prediction is going to the birds this year.

BLOG: Meet George, our new reporter

George LurieGeorge Lurie's byline may be familiar to some readers, especially those in Tulare County and the South Valley.

BLOG: Piano stores nowhere near their swan song

Reports on the death of piano stores have been greatly exaggerated, at least from the perspective of one local dealer with nearly 40 years in the industry.

BLOG: High-income individuals bear increasing tax burden

The latest statistics from the Internal Revenue Service reveal that people who earn on the upper spectrum in the US are bearing an increasing share of the federal income tax burden.

BLOG: Beloved reporter turns stay-at-home dad

Ben KellerToday's high-speed rail groundbreaking is a bittersweet thing here at The Business Journal — not because of the project's controversy, but because of who isn't attending.

BLOG: Brandau calls out Gov. Brown's backward priorities

In business, priorities are a must. Making the right choices is tough, especially in a world of limitless problems and limited resources. That's what makes leadership such a sought-after quality.

BLOG: Congress needs to act on key trade program

According to the California Chamber of Commerce, US companies face a $1 billion tax hike in the New Year thanks to Congressional inaction on a key trade program.

BLOG: Most hated blogger calls Fresno home

Chuck C. Johnson may be one of the most hated men on the Internet right now. And one of the worst-kept secrets on the Internet may be the fact that he calls Fresno home.

BLOG: Kohl's going 24/7 leading up to Christmas

Kohl's Department Stores announced today it plans to keep its stores open for more than 100 hours straight from 6 a.m. on Dec. 19 to 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve to accommodate holiday shoppers.