Staff Blogs


BLOG: Higher grocery costs in California

Food costs are likely to increase if two proposals to mandate California-only labeling for certain foods become law.

BLOG: Keep film production in California

There's a new job creator bill in Sacramento. AB 1839 encourages film and television productions to locate or remain in California by extending and expanding the film and television tax credit.

BLOG: Mayor, Standriff fire back at Bee editorial

It wasn't exactly the welcome wagon Mark Standriff was expecting.

BLOG: New income tax credit for California businesses

The Governor’s office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) has begun accepting applications for the California Competes Tax Credit.

BLOG: Fresno Bee drone glimpse of the future

This is a DJI quadcopter similar to the drone purchased by The Fresno Bee.It's a bird. It's a plane. It's Scoopy?

BLOG: No new oil tax

A number of groups including the California Chamber of Commerce have formed a coalition to educate Californians about the threat of another tax on oil.

BLOG: Bad air quality could lead to a free restaurant

We all know about Fresno's brain drain. How about its lung drain?

BLOG: Purple pipe fever a drought solution?

With California’s drought front and center in the national headlines, chances are you may be seeing more purple pipes in the future.

BLOG: Tower building owner shoots down rumor

A restaurant and bar — and not a Dollar General retail store — is the likely future tenant for the former Fulton's Folly building in Fresno.

BLOG: New California biz center in Shanghai

McWong International, Inc. is a Sacramento-headquartered company and a supporting partner, along with the CalAsian Chamber of Commerce and CHIC Group, in a new facility to promote China-California trade.