– January 27, 2015

Business Friendly Task Force plans faster permit process

Community leader Pete Weber.Community leader Pete Weber.
The Business Friendly Fresno Task Force announced recommendations Wednesday to speed the city’s planning and permit process through better organization, an improved computer software program and greater attention given to each project.

For starters, all projects, big and small will begin with a visit to a main counter that is well marked with signage.

However, projects will be broken down to three levels, with Level 1 used for standard single-family home plans and small changes, Level 2 for change of occupancy and Level 3 for projects requiring multiple entitlements.

The new organizational plans take effect Jan. 1. The task force also plans to approach the Fresno City Council about upgrading the city’s computer software program for the planning department.

Wednesday’s meeting attracted about 50 people including Jeff Roberts, vice president of Granville Homes in Fresno. The task force plans to place a priority on infill projects and Granville Homes has been a top infill builder.

However, Granville would like more leeway in building projects outside of downtown infill areas.

But as a member of Creating Prosperity in Fresno, Granville is all for streamlining the planning and permitting process.

The task force plans to make the process of infill development easier and faster.

Pete Weber, who chairs the task force with Jennifer Clark, director of development and resource management for Fresno, said that although efforts to improve the planning and permit process have not succeeded in the past, the new effort is stronger because it features both internal and external task force members.

“We have ownership over this plan,” Weber said. “We have a plan that has staff ownership.”

Weber said he sees both willingness and enthusiasm for improving the permit process and making Fresno a business friendly city.

Weber described the current development code as a mess. “It’s 60 years old,” he said. “We need to update the development code and align it with the general plan.”

He said the city would not become the most business friendly city in the state by Jan. 2.

But Weber expects significant improvement. The city still needs to upgrade its technology, he said.

That process is expected to take more than a year.

Weber pointed out that in addition, staff would need training, cross training and leadership training to properly operate the new system. He pointed out that major layoffs during the great recession gutted many departments and led to the loss of skilled employees.

The city plans to do some rehiring as the economy improves.

He said the system would require decision-making protocols and a decision cannot be overridden by another person in another department. “People at the counter will have to make the right decision,” Weber said.

“The point of contact will be the front counter,” Clark emphasized after taking the podium. “But we will need better signage,” she said.

Also, the counter will stay open during the lunch hour from noon to 1 p.m.

Clark said that for some of the more complex project plans would go to a development review committee. A response will come from the committee within 14 days, she said.

“Communication is key to this system,” Clark added.

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Written on 01/27/2015, 12:48 pm by Business Journal Staff
Don Warkentin has announced that he will retire from his position as president of West Hills College Lemoore in the fall. 
Written on 01/27/2015, 12:40 pm by Business Journal staff
The Central Valley economy waned a bit at the end of 2014, though there are indicators of improving growth for the first half of this year, according to a new report from Fresno State. The San Joaquin Business Conditions Index, a product of the Craig School of Business research associate Ernie Goss, fell to 55 after hitting a record high of 59.9 in November. An index of greater than 50 indicates an expanding economy over the next three to six months. Employment was a bright spot in the index, which is produced through surveys of people making company purchasing decisions at firms in Fresno, Madera, Kings and Tulare counties. After slipping below growth neutral for October, the regional hiring gauge climbed to 51.3 in November and  54.5 in December. About 15 percent of businesses surveyed expect layoffs in the first half of 2015. Surveyed businesses also expect a 2.4 percent wage gain for 2015. The import and export order indicators were one area of particular concern. The export index hit 38.6 in December, while import orders fell to 46.3. A softening global economy and strong dollar are expected to restrain exports in the coming months.  
Written on 01/27/2015, 12:08 pm by Business Journal staff
MLB Network's Heidi Watney, a 1999 graduate of Clovis West High School, has been added to the Fresno Grizzlies' Hot Stove Gala guest list. Watney, who worked as a sports anchor and host for KMPH Channel 26 and KFIG AM radio in Fresno, joined the MLB Network in 2012 and serves as the main host of the program Quick Pitch. Before that she covered the LA Galaxy for Timer Warner Cable in Los Angeles and served as the Boston Red Sox field reporter for the New England Sports Network. Special guests now confirmed for the event include baseball commentator Harold Reynolds and Rex Hudler, radio broadcaster for the Kansas City Royals and a graduate of Bullard High School. Tickets for the Feb. 7 gala are currently on sale and can be purchased online or by contacting Whitney Campbell at (559) 320-2547 or through email at
Written on 01/27/2015, 11:58 am by Business Journal Staff
The Fresno County Department of Public Health announced today that two influenza deaths in the county have been confirmed by lab results. In a press release, the department said that both individuals had underlying medical conditions which put them at risk and had been hospitalized.  "It is with regret that I inform our community of these deaths from influenza infection," said Dr. Ken Bird, Fresno County health officer. "Although the majority of individuals who contract flu experience mild to moderate illness and recover, the untimely deaths of these two individuals remind us how serious this illness can be and that we must take steps to protect ourselves and our loved ones." The vaccination status for one of the individuals is not known and the other person had not had an influenza vaccination for the current flu season.  According to the health department, vaccination remains the best form of protection against influenza infection and helps prevent spread of the flu virus from person-to-person. The department recommends that everyone six months and older be vaccinated regardless of health status.  The Fresno County Department of Public Health provides flu vaccinations at 1221 Fulton Mall in Fresno on Mondays and Wednesdays from 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. and 1 - 4 p.m. Shots cost $6 but no one is refused service if unable to pay.  For more information about vaccination opportunities or the influenza virus visit or 
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(AP) — Caterpillar took a hit in the fourth quarter from restructuring costs and the heavy machinery maker issued a weak outlook for 2015, citing the tumbling price of commodities. Shares slumped more than 7 percent Tuesday before the markets opened. The company is cutting costs as it tries to offset problems that are out of its control, like the falling price for everything from copper to crude. A barrel of crude oil in the U.S. fell again Tuesday to around $45. That same barrel cost well above $100 just last summer. Caterpillar earned $757 million, or $1.23 per share, for the three-month period. A year earlier the Peoria, Illinois, company earned $1 billion, or $1.54 per share. Earnings were $1.35 per share with one-time restructuring costs removed, but that's still well short of the $1.55 that Wall Street was looking for, according to a poll by Zacks Investment Research. Revenue declined to $14.24 billion from $14.4 billion due to those declining commodity prices. That was a little better than industry analysts had expected. For the year, Caterpillar Inc. earned $3.7 billion, or $5.88 per share. That compares with $3.79 billion, or $5.75 per share, in the previous year. Adjusted profit totaled $6.38 per share. Annual revenue declined to $55.18 billion from $55.66 billion. Caterpillar anticipates a 2015 adjusted profit of $4.75 per share on revenue of about $50 billion. Analysts surveyed by FactSet predict full-year earnings of $6.68 per share on revenue of $54.83 billion. Chairman and CEO Doug Oberhelman cited declining oil prices, which have been halved since September. Shares of Caterpillar fell $6.19, or 7.2 percent, to $79.84 before the market open.
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(AP) — Thieves in an SUV smashed through the glass doors of the Wells Fargo History Museum in downtown San Francisco and made off with gold nuggets on display. KNTV reports ( ) that police haven't made any arrests after an unknown amount of gold nuggets were stolen early Tuesday. Wells Fargo spokesman Ruben Pulido said in a statement that the company is grateful no one was injured and the historic stagecoaches on display weren't damaged. The museum is at the site where Wells Fargo opened for business in 1852. Commuters stopped to look at the aftermath of the robbery and snap pictures, while police surveyed the damage. Shattered glass crunched underneath the tires of a tow truck pulling the green Chevrolet Suburban from the building. Police weren't immediately available for comment.
Written on 01/27/2015, 10:50 am by Business Journal staff
(AP) — Federal agriculture officials said last week they found avian influenza in a commercial turkey flock in central California. The U.S. Department of Agriculture said Saturday that the Foster Farms facility in Stanislaus County has been quarantined and birds from the affected flock will not enter the food system. Testing occurred after the flock experienced a spike in deaths. Officials say there is no immediate public health concern and the detected strain — H5N8 — is not known to harm humans. The bird flu strain H5N1 ravaged poultry across Asia in 2003 and is more easily spread among humans.
Written on 01/27/2015, 10:47 am by YOUKYUNG LEE, 
BARBARA ORTUTAY, AP Technology Writers
(AP) — For many, the hour without a Facebook was a golden opportunity for a joke — or a marketing pitch — on other social media sites. Facebook said the outage that made its sites inaccessible worldwide for about an hour Tuesday was self-inflicted. Users in the Eastern U.S. itching to post photos of the big snowstorm had to turn to other outlets, while companies, like the dating app Tinder, that depend on Facebook and Instagram to reach their customers, had to wait. For many, though, the outage was just a blip, a sign that while Facebook has become an important communications tool for some 1.35 billion people worldwide, a temporary shutdown does not have the same crippling effect as the shutoff of electricity, water, the Internet or a city's public transit system. It's also a lesson, perhaps, in what happens when we rely on a free service that, while very stable, does not promise 100 percent uptime. Facebook's last significant outage was nearly 5 years ago. People took to Twitter to complain and joke about the outage, while companies such as Coca-Cola took it as a viral marketing opportunity. The hashtag "#facebookdown" generated a cascade of tweets, including an image of a T-shirt with the words "I survived #facebookdown." "Kind of like the snowstorm that was supposed to cripple New York City, this didn't have much of an impact on Facebook," said Debra Aho Williamson, an analyst with research firm eMarketer. "It was over quickly, it was easily fixed and life came back to normal fairly quickly." She added that while it's possible that companies that rely on Facebook's login tool to let people access their sites and apps lost a "little bit of traffic" or a tiny bit of ad revenue, for the length of time that the outage lasted it's unlikely to have had a big effect. "Life will go on, I think we'll all survive," Williamson said. Users of PCs and Facebook's mobile app reported they lost access in Asia, the United States, Australia and the U.K. Facebook-owned Instagram was also inaccessible. Facebook said the disruption was caused by a technical change and wasn't a cyberattack. "This was not the result of a third party attack but instead occurred after we introduced a change that affected our configuration systems," its statement said. The temporary loss of service may be Facebook's biggest outage since Sept. 24, 2010, when it was down for about 2.5 hours. Outages were more common in the site's early years, when its backup systems and data centers were not as robust as they are now. These days, the Menlo Park, California-based company routinely tests its infrastructure and sometimes even takes down part of it intentionally to check its resilience. On its website for developers, Facebook said the "major outage" lasted one hour. The outage occurred at midday in Asia, and after Facebook was restored, some users reported that the site was loading slowly or not functioning fully. Lizard Squad, a group notorious for attention-seeking antics online, claimed responsibility on Twitter for the outages, but Facebook said this was not the case. Guillermo Lafuente, security consultant at MWR InfoSecurity, said a technical fault was more plausible. A denial-of-service attack would have made the sites unreachable rather than accessible with an error message displayed, he said. Facebook's use of multiple data centers also meant an attack on one would have affected one region, while this outage was worldwide. Also, restoring service would be a matter of reversing the technical changes, which matched with the brevity of the outage, LaFuente said. Facebook has about 1.35 billion active users and Instagram has some 300 million. The outage came a day ahead of Facebook reporting its quarterly earnings. Lizard Squad on Monday claimed it had defaced the Malaysia Airlines website and would release data from the airline. Its previous hacking claims have been mostly aimed at gaming or media companies.
Written on 01/27/2015, 10:26 am by The Associated Press
(AP) — The pink mustache is out. Ride-hailing company Lyft has pulled the pink furry mustache that drivers display on the front of their cars and replaced it with a 5-inch-long pink "glowstache" that goes on the dashboard. About 300 Lyft drivers on Monday formed a line that stretched three blocks from the company's San Francisco headquarters while they waited to receive the new glow-in-the-dark mustache for their cars. Lyft is one of several companies that allow customers to use a smartphone app to book and pay for rides in a private car.
Written on 01/27/2015, 10:23 am by BRANDON BAILEY, AP Technology Writer
(AP) — Big jumps in sales of its Surface tablets, cloud computing software and Lumia smartphones drove Microsoft's quarterly revenue above expectations, as CEO Satya Nadella continues to steer toward the mobile gadget market and shift Microsoft away from its traditional focus on the PC. Revenue from cloud computing products, in which businesses pay to use online software housed in Microsoft's data centers, more than doubled. The division is now on track to bring in $5.5 billion in sales this year. Surface revenue spiked 24 percent to over $1 billion. Another big seller? Xbox — which sold 6.6 million consoles in the holiday quarter. And while profit dropped on big charges for layoffs, other restructuring efforts and integrating the Nokia phone business, Microsoft's earnings matched Wall Street estimates. So why is the stock down over 4 percent after-hours? BGC Partners analyst Colin Gillis said investors are reacting to results in Microsoft's "core" business of Windows software, which he called "not great." While Nadella is pointing Microsoft toward mobile, the Redmond, Washington, company still relies heavily on selling Windows software for PCs. And that flagship business is struggling as global shipments of personal computers have fallen for the last ten quarters in a row, according to research firm IDC. "The PC isn't dead, but people are much more mobile and they don't spend all their time on their PC," said Anthony Clendenen, a tech expert at En Pointe, a California firm that helps businesses buy and install commercial software from Microsoft and other companies. Microsoft's Windows licensing revenue dropped 13 percent during the period, partly due to weak PC sales in China and Japan. The company also is no longer enjoying an overall boost in sales that came last year when it stopped providing support for the older Windows version known as XP. The end of XP support drove many consumers and businesses to buy new PCs equipped with newer versions of Windows. Gillis said "the cracks in the core business have people realizing, 'Oh gee, there's going to be a transition,' " that will take some time. Nadella's strategy of building new business segments is sensible, "but those types of strategies don't come without some bumps in the road," he added. All told, Microsoft's net income fell more than 10 percent to $5.86 billion for the three months that ended Dec. 31, due to hefty costs. Revenue rose 8 percent year-over-year to $26.47 billion, including more than $2 billion in sales from the Nokia smartphone business it acquired last year. Earnings per share of 71 cents matched expectations of analysts surveyed by FactSet. Revenue of $26.47 billion edged past the $26.3 billion analysts expected. Looking ahead to fiscal third-quarter results, Chief Financial Officer Amy Hood said on a conference call with analysts that a strong dollar will dent revenue by 4 percent. All eyes will be on the launch later this year of Windows 10, the next version of Microsoft's flagship operating system. Designed to be equally familiar and easy to use on PCS and mobile gadgets, Nadella is hoping Windows 10 will capture both consumers and the developers who create apps for phones and tablets. Also up: Tech wizardry in the form of HoloLens computerized glasses — built on Windows 10 — that let wearers see and interact with three-dimensional holograms. It's one more way Nadella is showing he wants to change the perception of Windows for the mobile generation, said analyst Daniel Ives of FBR Capital Markets. Microsoft shares fell $2.06, or 4.4 percent, to $44.95 in aftermarket trading. The stock had closed down 17 cents at $47.01 before the report.

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